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Close Relatives of Dragons Found?
Published By willgator5 on 2011-06-12 178 Views

     In South Africa, near the Brazillian border, large lizards were found roaming in the rainforests. Thier size was as long as average foot. There were diferent kinds of lizards discovered as well! Some had spiky tails, while some had razor sharp teeth. Some were speedy and could run on two legs, while others slowly walked around on all four.

     There was one particicular lizard that had somewhat special qualities. It was about a foot long, not including the tail, and the widest part, the stomach, was about 1-1 1/2 inches long. It had few teeth, but were razor sharp. It had menacing eyes that would scare you, and a tail approximately three inches long. The colour of the lizard was a distinct red. One might think it's poisonous, but has been confirmed not poisonous.

     Have dragons been real all this time? We are starting to discover what may be a track to discovering a new, wonderful, and if untamed, dangerous species. What might come? Will these dragons be discovered soon, or will more close, even closer, relatives of the dragons be found? Will they be tamed? Gentle or fierce creatures? What will they be like? Are those myths of the dragons in the early times true?

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